Connecting Powershell to your Azure Subscription

Written by ppolyzos

Software engineer based in beautiful Luxembourg


    1. Michael Maus

      To retrieve VMs created under new portal use the following:

      1) Login-AzureRMAccount
      2) Login with user account
      3) Get-AzureRMVM | ft

    1. ppolyzos

      Your subscription is “Pay as You Go” or some other kind like “Dreamspark” or “Bizspark”. Is it a newly created account?

          1. ppolyzos

            After loging in using `Login-AzureRmAccount`, you are able to use your subscription for your Resource Manager cmdlet requests.
            You can try it using for example: `Get-AzureRmWebApp` to retrieve your available web apps.

            As far as the publish settings now, I would suggest you to clean up your cookies (or open a new Incognito window), and use again the url

            If this still doesn’t work, check if you can access the old portal
            In addition, in “No Subscriptions” page it usually displays some error details that might be found useful.

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