Microsoft Azure platform is evolving at a very fast pace and keeping up with all the changes may be challenging. Many products and services are released every week, while new ones are announced as being in public preview or under development.

For that reason, Microsoft has built the Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap, which provides a snapshot of what Microsoft is working on in its Cloud Platform business. Through this roadmap you can read through the products or services that have been recently made generally available, released into public preview, are under development, or the development of which has been halted.

Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap is divided into five categories, which are then further filtered to a more product-specific overview.

So at the top layer we have products and services that are:

  • Recently Available
  • in Public Preview
  • in Development
  • Cancelled or
  • Archived

and each one of these layers can be filtered into:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Data management and Analytics
  • Application Development
  • Internet of Things

You can find more info about the Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap here.

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