Move Azure web apps between different app service plans

Written by ppolyzos

Software engineer based in Athens, Greece


  1. ultrafastneal

    Thanks for the article! I can’t believe the option was sitting there in front of my face and I never found it.
    Has anyone figured out how to do this via script? (PowerShell, CLI, etc)

    1. ppolyzos

      You can use the following powershell command to move a web app
      Set-AzureRmWebApp -Name ‘webapp_name’ -ResourceGroupName ‘resource_group_name’ -AppServicePlan ‘new_app_service_plan’
      or a web app slot
      Set-AzureRmWebAppSlot -Name ‘webapp_name’ -Slot ‘slot_name’ -ResourceGroupName ‘resource_group_name’ -AppServicePlan ‘new_app_service_plan’

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