There are times when you might want to move an app from one App Service plan to another. This can be done easily through Azure Portal, provided that the app service plans comply with the restrictions below, namely that they are:

  • in the same resource group, and
  • in the same geographical region.

Let’s assume that you have a web app called `web-app-demo-1` and three different app service plans, all under the same resource group `app-services`:

  • app-service-1 (North Europe, Free)
  • app-service-2-we (West Europe, Free)
  • app-service-3-plus (North Europe, Basic B1)


Initially, the `web-app-demo-1` is hosted in `app-service-1`

To change app service plan, you need scroll to App Service Plan section in web app’s blade and click on “Change App Service plan” option:

The App Service plan selector opens and you can select the app service you want to transfer your app to. Note that the app-service-2-we is not available in the app service selector as it is hosted in a different geographical location.


One thing you should keep in mind when moving apps between app service plans is that, although the change happens very fast, it usually takes some time to free up resources from the previous app service plan.

For example, if you have a web app in app service plan A and move it to app service plan B, you may need to wait a few minutes to delete the app service plan A, although the app service plan A looks empty in the Azure Portal.

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