Always run Visual Studio as Administrator

Written by ppolyzos

Software engineer based in beautiful Luxembourg


  1. Arvo Bowen

    Working with Visual Studios 2017 and Windows 10 Enterprise (1903) 64 bit this has issues for me. It still works but has an annoyance that you always need to deal with.

    When loading a solution (*.sln) I get a prompt to “Save changes to the following items?”. The items below is a single item called “devenv.sln”. If you always click NO like I did (because I didn’t want to alter my project or save some bogus solution to a random area on my drive) then you will ALWAYS see this prompt and it will continue to load your solution.

    However, if you click yes and let it save the new solution to it’s default location (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\Common7\IDE\devenv.sln in my case) it will never prompt you again.

    My guess is the way it’s loading the application with elevated privileges is kinda weird and it tries to load the application with a new default solution. Then it tries to open your solution up and in the process is trying to close an unsaved solution for which then it prompts you to save. No matter what the reason is, if you save the solution once it wont bother you again.

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