Schedule startup and shutdown of your virtual machines using Azure Automation

Written by ppolyzos

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    1. ppolyzos

      You can specify the VMs you want to start or stop using a comma separated string array, like ‘AzureVm1,AzureVM2’ and then perform a loop for each VmName.
      So, you can do something like:

  1. Eli Rios

    How do you properly replace the parameters for the variables?
    Do I have to change [string]$VmName, with the name of my server like this [AzureVM-Srv1]$VmName or without brackets? or AzureVM-Srv1 = $VmName?

    1. ppolyzos

      If I understand correctly your question, if you want to define your server name in VmName, you only to update VmName with AzureVM-Srv1 as shown in Step4.
      What is inside the brackets is to add additional information about the variable, like string or validation like [ValidateSet(“Startup”, “Shutdown”)]. You can have a look also here to learn more about Powershell parameters.

    2. Andre

      hi Eli, you set the parameters when you create the schedule task. You dont need to change anything in the code.
      You can set parameters in test panel also.

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