RetroPie on Raspberry PI 3 with Xbox One Controller

Written by ppolyzos

Software engineer based in beautiful Luxembourg


    1. ppolyzos

      This is the XBOX One controller and in order to work I plugged it into the USB port using the charging cable. I haven’t tried the Xbox Wireless Adapter, but based on this article I guess it’s pretty easy.
      Have a look at this section:

      If you are using wireless controllers, open the /etc/rc.local file in a text editor, hunt for the lines that begin with xboxdrv and replace the –id option with –wid .

    1. ppolyzos

      I have mine in v3.7 and works fine but as I read in forums this is not the case for v4.1.
      You can have a look at this thread especially at this comment and give it a try.
      In addition, you can have a look at this comment and follow the steps presented.

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