Azure web app deployment slots and testing in production

Written by ppolyzos

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  1. Praveen

    Hi There,

    Great blog. Cleared lot of questions about webapps.
    I am new to Azure and have a question about traffic routing.

    If 25% of traffic (As in example above) is diverted to beta slot, does it not mean a data loss on production database which is connected to production slot?
    May be I am missing a key point about deployment slots, but I hope to get it clarified with your answer.
    Thanks in advance.


    1. ppolyzos

      If your beta slot points to a different db than your production slot then surely you ‘ll have issues with your data but usually, the web app in your beta slot points to the same database as your production web app, considering the fact that when you are trying to switch from beta to production, you have already applied the necessary changes to your production db.

      It is common that when you develop something new, this works perfectly with a small number of users, but when releasing it to all your customers things get messy.
      To avoid that, traffic routing helps you test something with many a percentage of your usual traffic and make you feel confident that when you finally release it everything will work as expeceted.

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